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We firmly believe in forming long term relationships with our clients. And our commitment to customer satisfaction helps build the same.


We have a wide range of items in stock. We understand how time critical projects can get and having a full inventory helps us serve you better.


We have offices in two strategic locations , Parrys and Sriperumbudur . This enables us to make quick deliveries to your projects and fulfill your requirements.


Started in 1969, we have been serving customers for close to 4 decades now. We use our years of experience to serve our customers better.


Quality is at the forefront of everything that we do. We are dealers of some of the best brands like Stanley, Cromwell.


We have been adopting best practices in various facets like delivery , manage our inventory more efficiently so that all the cost savings we do can be given back to our customers.


From the years of experience that we have, we extend our services to help our customers make the best decision on which product to buy.


We have relied on our reputation to get us customers and we have built that by being completely honest in all our tradings.