Luga Geared Head Drilling and Tapping Machine



Features: The head can rotated 360°C and can tilted 45°C it reliable and easy job can be done. Luga Geared Head Drilling and Tapping Machine  has a powerful Geared spindle drive with six step speed range The head and table can rise & down freely, the head could also move reverse, enlarge the range of process. The main body is stable & firm, effective working area of table is 540 x 470mm. The machine spindle has auto-feeding, micro-feeding and hand-feeding features. Spindle speed and feed can be changed easily. Powerful Gear head driving system capable of drilling, reaming and tapping in all kinds of materials. The spindle head can be rotated to 360° and tilted to 45° The working scope is large enough for spindle head and work table not only up and down but also rotated round the column.